EiffelStudio 6.7 released

Focus on Unicode – making software internationalization easier.

“ EiffelStudio, our company’s flagship product, has offered Unicode facilities at some level since EiffelStudio 5.7” says Emmanuel Stapf, Senior software developer with Eiffel Software, “but we want our users to always take advantage of the full power of any feature that we offer. This is why for EiffelStudio 6.7 we have focused on full Unicode support”.

Eiffel Software has taken pride in offering the programming community unique features such as Design by Contract, genericity, multiple inheritance, void safety, automatic testing … For EiffelStudio 6.7 the main focus has been on Unicode which is a powerful technology for enabling international applications.

The new features and improvements that EiffelStudio 6.7 brings are listed at:


Full Unicode support comes as a powerful complement to portability which has always been one of the strongest points of EiffelStudio. Version 6.7 is available on the following platforms:

  • Windows Classic, .NET, and 64-bits
  • Linux x86 and 64-bit
  • FreeBSD and 64-bit
  • Solaris 10 on Sparc, Sparc-64, x86 and x86-64
  • VMS
  • Embedded platforms
  • iPhone

“We want to make programming easy for developers on any platform and in any language” says Larry Miller, Director of Business Development, “and the availability of a solid Unicode mechanism in EiffelStudio is a must in a global world.”

To use Unicode and Eiffel, download EiffelStudio.

EiffelStudio is based on the Eiffel programming language, the most extensive implementation of O-O concepts, standardized through ECMA and the International Standards Organization. Its core concepts, native only to Eiffel, such as Design by Contract™seamless developmentautomatic testingvoid safetyparallel programming, and modelling facilities allow developers to write predictable and controllable applications that are easy to maintain. EiffelStudio, which received the prestigious ACM Software Systems Award, is used by developers and design-team leaders in challenging enterprise environments in all areas of software development such as finance, health, defense ….With EiffelStudio, the applications they build run flawlessly 24×7, 365 days a year.