Is testing testing your patience?

“Automatic” testing where you don’t need to write the test cases — who are you kidding?

Software is fun it is creative, exciting and rewarding. But it must be tested; this is where the fun stops. Testing is tedious, repetitive and boring. Modern “automatic” test frameworks have improved the process, but only superficially: you must still prepare test cases and test oracles — hundreds, often thousands of them. What’s “automatic” about a process where you are still in charge of the most time-consuming and frustrating part?

It’s time to get rid of the tediousness and bring back the fun. The rest of the world has a solution to boring, repetitive jobs: computers. Eiffel’s AutoTest brings automation to testing by letting the computer do the tedious stuff.

EiffelStudio is the only IDE that automates testing and finds the bugs for you

AutoTest, the automatic testing component of EiffelStudio, lets you concentrate on the smart part: writing smart software. It does the rest: testing it. No need to write oracles: just rely on the built-in contracts.

Test generation produces test cases automatically, orders of magnitude more than even the most patient programmer could ever dream to produce. Test extraction automatically produces regression tests from failed executions. And you still have the possibility to integrate manual tests to cover those special cases for which only you know what scenario is the most relevant.

All three kinds of test automatically become part of the regression suite, letting you replay it at the push of a button to make sure that old bugs don’t creep back in. So just relax, and focus on the exciting stuff.

Can testing truly be automatic?

Don’t take our word for it. Try AutoTest today by downloading EiffelStudio and following the instructions on the AutoTest section in the Eiffel Documentation .