Eiffel Software – Your Consulting Partner

We take advantage of the experience of writing thousands of classes, totaling hundreds of thousands of lines of successfully delivered software as well as from our customers and user community.

Areas of Expertise

Consulting is available in the following areas:

  • Review of existing systems (for example as part of an assessment of a possible re-engineering).
  • Architectural review (where our consultants analyze a proposed design developed by your team for a new system, and identify areas of strength and weakness, risk factors, possible improvements).
  • Requirements analysis for new systems, including cost estimates for the development, risk analysis, resource planning.
  • System architecture and design.
  • Custom application development.
  • Design and implementation of compilers, visual CASE tools and interactive development environments for new languages (e.g. specialized application languages, object-oriented extensions to existing languages).
  • Migration and conversion of legacy applications.

More than just Advisors

We believe that a consultant should be more than a consultant. He or she should be a professional currently active in the field. Eiffel Software Consultants are practicing developers and project managers with fresh experience of participating in software development projects at Eiffel Software and in other companies.

Empowering the Client

A consultant should not be a hostage taker. We want to give you the means to control your own projects, not to make you dependent on us forever. Our consultants are trained to transfer their knowledge and expertise to you. In particular:

  • The team approach means that no single consultant becomes so important that your entire project depends on him or her.
  • Our `TRAIN THE TRAINERS’ program enables you to have some of your own staff become Eiffel Software-approved trainers so that you can start your own educational program, specifically tailored to your problem domain and company culture.

Contact us to learn more about our consulting possibilities.