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Eiffel Software values your privacy. This document describes the principles that we apply to protect the personal information of visitors to our site.

By accessing this site you agree to the policies described herein. If you do not agree with these policies, please do not visit this site.

Customer Information

We maintain a database of customers and prospects, consisting of information released by the people who contact us in one of the various available ways. We do not, nor will we entertain any plans to, ever make this database available to third parties.

Email Information

We periodically email notices of events of interest to the Eiffel community and others interested in Eiffel Software’s products, services and philosophy.

This information is only sent to people who have requested to be on our electronic mailing lists, including the monthly EiffelWorld newsletter.


Every information message contains instructions for being removed from the list.

Because recipients sometimes get a message through an address different from the one it which sent to (for example as a result of email forwarding or email aliases), every message includes a line specifying the address to which the message was sent. To be removed from the list, you should forward the message to, making sure that the address line is kept exactly unchanged so that we know which exact address to remove.

Removal messages are processed automatically every 24 hours, although in case of system problems the it may take up to a few days for an email address to be removed from the database.

In the rare case that an email is sent again to an unsubscribed address – as a result of an error in the removal software, user error in sending the removal message, involuntary re-subscription, or non-receipt or the removal instructions for any reason – please send a message to Messages sent to this address are read by a staff member (not a program) at regular intervals. Please explain what the problem is and include a valid return address so that we can confirm removal and resolve any source of error.

We never voluntarily send an information message to any recipient who has not requested to be on our list, or who has requested to be removed. We recognize that errors may arise and will make all reasonable efforts to make sure that they are resolved promptly and courteously.

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Policy changes

The policy described in this document is effective at the time of publication, but may change at any time. Changes will be reflected as updates to the present page.