Leadership Team


bertrand_meyerDr. Bertrand Meyer: CEO and Chief Architect, Founder

Bertrand Meyer is one of the pioneers of modern software engineering. He is known for his best-selling books such as “Object-Oriented Software Construction”, the reference work in the field. He designed Eiffel to provide the programming community with a feature-rich yet simple-to-learn language and method for producing reliable software. He introduced the  Design by Contract methodology, which lies at the center of the Eiffel approach. He started Eiffel Software to ensure that the Eiffel vision would be not just a powerful scientific ideal but a practical solution available to any industry project.


emmanuel_stapfEmmanuel Stapf: Lead Engineer, Compiler Division
Since 1998, Emmanuel, or Manu as most people call him, has been in charge of the EiffelStudio compiler. He works to ensure that all new features and client requests are incorporated into each new release of EiffelStudio. Manu is the “go-to guy” for the Eiffel Community. He is extremely active throughout discussions groups and with the company’s customers, making sure no question or comment gets un-answered. He holds an Engineering Degree from ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, France and is fluent in just about every application development technology and programming language in the industry.
greg_soulagesGreg Soulages: Head of Global Sales
Greg was one of Kinko’s first employees and part of the team that helped turn it into a multi-billion dollar company before it was bought by FedEx. In addition, he has numerous years of experience in Sales and IT in companies such as IBM, Qwest, and Sprint. Greg holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from UC Berkeley.
laurent_meyerLaurent Meyer: Business Development, EMEA
Laurent uses his language skills to service the company’s European clients and to develop opportunities on the continent. He has more than ten years of Business Development experience Information Technology, most notably in the promotion of Application Development and Online Marketing Tools. Laurent holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics for UC Santa Barbara and a joint MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and HEC Paris. He speaks English, French, Spanish and German.