Make your software project predictable and controllable!

Eiffel puts you in charge

Too many customer demands? Too little time? Too few developers?  Changing requirements? Uncertain environment?

You know your fixed variables: the task to be completed, allocated budget, number of potential developers that could work on the project… Yet still, you would like for the software that you are using to tell you exactly what you will need for this project as well as how long it will take before you cut that ribbon.

How the Eiffel Solution makes your project predictable and controllable is by the following:

Bug avoidance and control: with Design by Contract™, you rely on a simple discipline to kill bugs before they have a chance to kill you. With DbC, you can get to project completion quickly by scraping off all that unproductive debugging time.

Testability: Eiffel programs, thanks to built-in Design by Contract, are test-ready. Let EiffelStudio’s AutoTest framework, unique in the industry produce the tests and run them from you at the push of a button.

Ease of change: with Seamless Development, whenever either the requirements or the problem change, you know what to adapt on the other side. The complementary view of the software—code, design, analysis, documentation—automatically remain in sync, and EiffelStudio maintains the full correspondence between the code and the diagrams.

Productivity: with plain syntax and emphasis on quality and reuse, Eiffel code is easy to develop, letting you cruise to success with fewer developers.

If you apply the above to your internal metrics, you’ll find answers to those missing variables and be well underway to a comfortable start and finish!

Take one of the following next steps:

  • Contact us – we would be more than happy to organize a WebEx session with one our Eiffel Gurus to show you how EiffelStudio can make your project predictable and controllable.
  • Download EffelStudio to experience the IDE built on Eiffel.
  • Go through the  Eiffel Online Documentation for examples, tutorials, and “how-tos”.