EiffelStudio 6.5 released

Cooking one’s own dog food and taking the time to do things right.

For this release the team decided to take a short break in this constant string of advances, and use the power of its own tools to polish the Eiffel Software product line: paraphrasing the industry saying, to “cook its own dog food”.

We already “eat our dog food”: every piece of EiffelStudio, the company’s flagship product, is developed using EiffelStudio itself, which keeps the development team happy and productive (as it keeps our customers happy and productive). “What a pleasure it is to use the power of our own tools to improve the quality of our tools”, says Emmanuel Stapf, Senior software developer with Eiffel Software. “Thanks to Design by Contract, AutoTest and our new Void Safety mechanism that we applied to our own  source code we have been able to improve the quality of our offering significantly. Our goal is clear: perfect software. We are not quite there yet, but are moving fast towards it.”

Some of the strengths of EiffelStudio 6.5 are listed at:


The list of major platforms that EiffelStudio supports is growing. Portability has always been one of the strongest points of EiffelStudio; this new release continues the tradition with the availability of EiffelStudio on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10. A partial list of platforms includes:

  • Windows Classic, .NET, and 64-bits
  • Linux x86 and 64-bit
  • FreeBSD and 64-bit
  • Solaris 10 on Sparc, Sparc-64, x86 and x86-64
  • VMS
  • Embedded platforms
  • iPhone

On the marketing side, Larry Miller, Director of Business Development, says that “EiffelStudio 6.5 is a major release that brings a robust and mature product to the software community. It is the only IDE that guarantees the development of correct and safe applications and the best one for companies that want the most return on their IT investment.”

To get started, download EiffelStudio.

EiffelStudio is based on the Eiffel programming language, the most extensive implementation of O-O concepts, standardized through ECMA and the International Standards Organization. Its core concepts, native only to Eiffel, such as Design by Contract™seamless developmentautomatic testingvoid safetyparallel programming, and modelling facilities allow developers to write predictable and controllable applications that are easy to maintain. EiffelStudio, which received the prestigious ACM Software Systems Award, is used by developers and design-team leaders in challenging enterprise environments in all areas of software development such as finance, health, defense ….With EiffelStudio, the applications they build run flawlessly 24×7, 365 days a year.