EiffelStudio Open Source Finalist for Prestigious Jolt Award

EiffelStudio 5.7 Open Source Edition is a finalist for the prestigious JOLT award in the category of Languages and Development Environments.

Given out by Dr. Dobbs Magazine, “the annual award is a tribute to the development tools that ‘jolted’ the corporate development industry during the previous year, in terms of increasing developer productivity, heralding a new development paradigm, or making development faster, easier, and more efficient.”

“This recognition highlights our commitment to producing the highest quality tools for enterprise development” said Larry Miller, Director of Business Development for Eiffel Software. “We are extremely excited and honored to be chosen as finalist for such a prestigious award.”

The awards are widely recognized as the benchmark for excellence throughout the software development industry. An independent panel of highly respected individuals from within the software development industry is selected to sit on the panel of judges. Final entries will be subject to a rigorous firsthand evaluation by the judges. The final winners will be announced in March 2007 at the Software Development Conference and Exposition in San Jose, California.

To get started, download EiffelStudio.

EiffelStudio is based on the Eiffel programming language, the most extensive implementation of O-O concepts, standardized through ECMA and the International Standards Organization. Its core concepts, native only to Eiffel, such as Design by Contract™seamless developmentautomatic testingvoid safetyparallel programming, and modelling facilities allow developers to write predictable and controllable applications that are easy to maintain. EiffelStudio, which received the prestigious ACM Software Systems Award, is used by developers and design-team leaders in challenging enterprise environments in all areas of software development such as finance, health, defense ….With EiffelStudio, the applications they build run flawlessly 24×7, 365 days a year.