Eiffelroom Launched: the resource portal for the Eiffel Community

Eiffelroom (www.eiffelroom.com) is a resource for tutorials, examples, and packages addressing the needs of the Eiffel community.

The users of EiffelStudio, the IDE based on the Eiffel language, will find in Eiffelroom the answers they need to the practical questions a beginner can have as well as the tips experienced users will share. To access the Eiffelroom site, please visit .

“Eiffelroom is also a platform to show our excitement about Eiffel where we can explain all the cool things you can do with Eiffel and how simple it can be, if you only know where to start” says Martin Seiler, a software developer at Eiffel Software.

“The launch of Eiffelroom is the expression of our commitment to making as easy as possible for newcomers to EiffelStudio to quickly and efficiently take advantage of its power” said Larry Miller, Director of Business Development for Eiffel Software. “We are extremely excited to be adding a higher level of communication between the users and implementers of our technology”.

To access the Eiffelroom site, please visit www.eiffelroom.com.To get started, download EiffelStudio.

EiffelStudio is based on the Eiffel programming language, the most extensive implementation of O-O concepts, standardized through ECMA and the International Standards Organization. Its core concepts, native only to Eiffel, such as Design by Contract™seamless developmentautomatic testingvoid safetyparallel programming, and modelling facilities allow developers to write predictable and controllable applications that are easy to maintain. EiffelStudio, which received the prestigious ACM Software Systems Award, is used by developers and design-team leaders in challenging enterprise environments in all areas of software development such as finance, health, defense ….With EiffelStudio, the applications they build run flawlessly 24×7, 365 days a year.