EiffelStudio 23.09

Unleashes Cross-Platform Power and Enhanced Development Tools

Eiffel Software proudly presents EiffelStudio 23.09, a game-changing update packed with features designed to elevate your programming experience. With enhancements across the compiler, graphical environment, and libraries, EiffelStudio 23.09 is your ticket to seamless, cross-platform development like never before.


The star of the show in EiffelStudio 23.09 is the groundbreaking support for .NETCore (net6.0, net7.0, …) on both Windows and Unix-based systems (with a few limitations). But that’s not all—exclusive to Windows, we’re still supporting the .NET framework (v4.0). With EiffelStudio for .NET, you can now develop applications that deploy across a myriad of platforms, from desktops to web-based and mobile applications. Check out the documentation for more details and start unlocking the potential of cross-platform development with Eiffel for .NET.

Graphical Environment:

Experience a revamped execution output panel (debugger) that provides additional insights, including modified environment variables and timestamps for launched/stopped/quit events. Plus, enjoy enhanced productivity with the addition of “Toggle comment,” allowing you to seamlessly comment/uncomment lines or selections with the standard Ctrl+/ shortcut. We’ve also fine-tuned the impact of the Zoom factor on EiffelStudio tools, ensuring a smoother and more responsive user experience. And for those who prefer a darker aesthetic, customize your EiffelStudio environment with new preferences for an almost dark mode—coding has never looked better.


We’ve squashed bugs and made improvements across EiffelBase, fixing issues related to the usage of IMMUTABLE strings and enhancing the functionality of key classes like LINEAR_SUBSET, TRAVERSABLE_SUBSET, and SUBSET_STRATEGY_GENERIC. Plus, we’ve made EiffelBase classes immune to default string/character size, ensuring consistency and reliability across your projects. Additionally, Gobo Libraries have been updated to the latest version, delivering even more power and flexibility to your development arsenal.


While we’re pushing boundaries with cross-platform support, please note that SCOOP is currently not supported by Eiffel .NET.  And for macOS users on silicon CPU, refer to the specific release notes for important information about macOS compatibility.

EiffelStudio 23.09 is more than just an update—it’s a leap forward in the evolution of software development. Whether you’re a seasoned coder or just getting started, EiffelStudio empowers you to build robust, cross-platform applications with ease.

Ready to embark on your next coding adventure? Dive into EiffelStudio 23.09 today!

For more information and to download EiffelStudio, visit EiffelStudio 23.09 Download Link.

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