EiffelStudio 22.12

Elevating Your Programming Experience

Eiffel Software proudly presents EiffelStudio 22.12, a groundbreaking update packed with features designed to empower programmers and streamline development workflows. With enhancements spanning the graphical environment, compiler, and tools, EiffelStudio 22.12 is poised to revolutionize the way you code.

Graphical Environment:

Code Completion for Once Classes: Enjoy enhanced productivity with code completion support for once classes, making it easier than ever to write clean and efficient code.
Improved Library Management: We’ve revamped the Add Library functionality, allowing for the addition of “redirection” ecf files and fixing the Add Cluster feature in recursive clusters. Managing libraries has never been smoother.
Enhanced Unicode Support: Say goodbye to harmless exceptions! We’ve resolved an issue related to inserting Unicode symbols using the “Insert Symbol” dialog on Windows, ensuring a seamless coding experience.


Expanded Platform Support: EiffelStudio 22.12 introduces support for new platforms, including macosx-armv6 (M1, M2 support) and linux-arm64, ensuring compatibility with the latest hardware architectures.
Optimized C Code Generation: We’ve meticulously reviewed and updated the generated C code to address potential execution issues stemming from “clang” C compiler optimizations, particularly on ARM architecture. Your code runs smoother than ever before.
Improved Once Class Compilation: Rest easy knowing that once classes without any creation procedures now compile flawlessly, eliminating unnecessary headaches during development.


.NET Support: Introducing support for the “.Net md consumer” tool (emdc.exe), offering an alternative to the COM md consumer from EiffelStudio. As a first step towards broader .NET support on non-Windows platforms, this opens up new possibilities for cross-platform development.


Specific Note for Mac Users: If you’re on the M1/M2 (arm) architecture, please review the specific release notes for important information regarding macOS compatibility.

Experience the future of programming with EiffelStudio 22.12. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting your coding journey, EiffelStudio empowers you to build robust, maintainable software with ease.

Ready to take your coding to the next level? Dive into EiffelStudio 22.12 today!

For more details, consult the full release notes of EiffelStudio 22.12.

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