With the IRON facility, easily use and share Eiffel Libraries

Empowering teams of developers.Eiffel Software announced today the IRON facility package manager that will soon be available with the upcoming release of the EiffelStudio IDE, version 14.05. IRON provides an easy-to-use facility for using and sharing libraries of quality Eiffel components. It automates many of the tasks involved with publishing such libraries and provides a consistent method of doing so with minimal effort.

As a parallel to the Eiffel name itself, the “IRON’ terminology was chosen to reflect the fact that the individual building blocks of the Eiffel Tower were themselves made from iron. In the Eiffel world, constructing a large complex software system is done with libraries of high-quality reusable components. Thus, the “building blocks” are made from iron, and software systems are made from those building blocks. Hence, IRON provides the “raw material” from which complex Eiffel systems are developed.

Still in the beta phase until the new EiffelStudio release, IRON is an open-source community project . It is fully integrated within EiffelStudio and provides command-line application.

“The Eiffel community is thirsty for libraries. With IRON, we are taking an important step in this direction as it makes it all that much easier for those working on Eiffel libraries to share and use them,” says Jocelyn Fiat, Head of Library and Web Development “I am happy to have contributed to this effort because I know that I’m facilitating the lives of many Eiffel programmers out there. Let’s hope we’ll start seeing some more Eiffel libraries and that people will also be encouraged to share existing ones.”

For more information, see IRON: Eiffel Package Repository. To get started, download EiffelStudio.

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