Why do people turn to us?

They see the big picture

Lots of programming languages and tools are great at helping you put together a snappy demo in no time. That’s not the hard part. What our users want is the path to a solution that directly reflects their model of the problem, works right the first time and every time, and will continue to evolve smoothly as the business grows and user needs evolve.

They want the freedom to change

When you get a better idea, do you suppress it because you fear having to change everything in the code? In real life there is no such thing as “requirements” separate from the rest of the software. There are emerging user needs that can change at any time. EiffelStudio integrates all software activities together: requirements, design, implementation, testing, maintenance, evolution. Eiffel is the common thread that lets you switch back and forth between problem and solution, needs and their realization, foundations and extensions. Our users build a strong foundation on which they can easily plug new additions and try out solutions. They are not afraid to change their minds, and rely on a language and tools that supports their evolving understanding of the world and their business.

For our users, software quality is not a slogan. It is a precise combination of concrete factors. Correctness: software that satisfies the specification — starting with having a clear specification in the first place, thanks to contracts. Robustness: software that handles abnormal and erroneous cases properly, thanks to a powerful exception mechanism. Extendibility: software that can easily be adapted to new situations, thanks to multiple inheritance and other advanced techniques. Reusability: software that can be turned into reusable components, to benefit not just the current project but all future ones. Efficiency: software that runs fast and lean on both sequential and concurrent architectures.

How do I find out for myself?

Here are your choices: