Dr. Mark Howard, AXA Rosenberg – Leading Global Mutual Fund Manager

“We’ve been using Eiffel for ten years here and every new thing that we put into it reinforces the feeling that doing business any other way would have been misguided. Our industry has changed over time; development is now a much different activity than it used to be. Using something like EiffelStudio enables us to develop our ideas, rather than our implementations. What ends up happening is you can address business problems, not programming problems. It gets right to the point on what the company strives to do, allowing it to better fulfill its mission.”

Roger Osmond, EMC Corporation

“With EiffelStudio the company achieved productivity gains of 10 to 20x relative to their non-Eiffel developers”.

Christopher Creel, Hewlett Packard

“We feel that Eiffel is the perfect embedded language. Eiffel is an ideal solution for medium to large-scale embedded applications”.

Darren Hiebert, Northrop Grumman

“Without a doubt, the selection of the software language affects program costs significantly. We make goals for ourselves as to what capabilities we will have in our next release. I’ve worked with C++, and I’d be willing to estimate that it would take at least two times longer to develop it in that language as opposed to Eiffel.”

Chris Griffin, Chicago Board Of Trade (now CBOE) – Largest Futures Exchange in the world:

“By using Eiffel in the development of the new price reporting system at the CBOT, we are now able to list new products quickly and easily configure existing products to meet the rapidly changing needs of the markets. Eiffel allows us to make other more complicated changes quicker because of the pure O-O methodologies incorporated in and stressed by the language.

Todd Plessel, Environmental Protection Agency

“In practice, Eiffel’s “write-and-generate-once-then-recompile-anywhere” turns out to be superior to Java’s attempt at “write-once-run-anywhere”.”

David Stevens, AXA Rosenberg – Leading Global Mutual Fund Manager

“Our employees now have a better, faster way to learn how to contribute best to the company. Our new ability to share knowledge shortens the learning curve by 50%, and takes employees 50% further in their understanding of our business.”

Peter Coffee, EWeek Group – Leading Industry Analyst

“Languages such as Eiffel were at least a decade ahead of .Net…”

Thomas Murphy, Meta Group – Leading Industry Analyst

“Become familiar with methods such as Design by Contract. As organizations seek to drive reuse and build reliable Web services, assertions and Design by Contract help them ensure they meet requirements”.

Hundreds of universities around the world have been using Eiffel to give their students the best. Here is some of what they have to say:

James HeliotisRochester Institute of Technology (USA):

“All of us involved in teaching the first-year courses agree that Eiffel has far exceeded our expectations… Eiffel makes it easier to take a complex software system and “open it up” slowly, piece by piece… Thanks to existing libraries full of all kinds of useful data structure, we no longer need to instruct students how to build something before they may use it.

Beyond the language itself, Eiffel Software’s offering is an industrial-strength, well-integrated software development environment that supports, and enforces, the use of object-oriented methods throughout.”

David RileyUniversity of Wisconsin La Crosse (USA):

“We are currently using Eiffel in our very earliest programming courses. The clean syntax, small collection of primitives, static type checking, and support for design by contract make Eiffel an outstanding choice for instruction in object technology in general and object-oriented programming in particular.”

Rob RistUniversity of Technology (Australia):

“Eiffel is the only language I have ever used that makes me think harder than I want, and it has changed the way I think about system design.

Eiffel is the best language to teach the principles of object-oriented programming. The language itself is so small and elegant that language issues are seldom a problem. This means that the real issue — design — can be brought to the front and taught explicitly…Eiffel was created to support reuse, and it achieves what other languages only aim for. I tell my students: “If you repeat code, then your design is wrong”. This is a simple rule that is almost always true, and is easily followed by students: it is easy to see repeated code. It is not so easy to fix the design, but that is where skill and expertise come in! Eiffel is so well-designed that the very structure of the language supports the design of reusable solutions.”

David ClarkUniversity of Canberra (Australia):

“Eiffel engenders a culture of quality. Eiffel actively “pushes” you in the right direction. My OO design / implementation subject focuses on Meyer’s “external” quality factors (correctness, robustness, extendibility, reusability). The recurring question is “what can we do internally to achieve the external quality factors?” Always, what we want to do is supported naturally by the language.”

Hector Garcia-MolinaUniversity of Murcia (Spain):

“Eiffel is the language most adequate to be used as the first object-oriented programming language, because it is a pure object-oriented language, strongly typed, simple and readable. Moreover, it combines the object-oriented concepts with characteristics which are useful for the development of large software projects, such as the assertions and exceptions mechanisms. Since 1991, we have been teaching object-oriented programming using Eiffel.”

Dr. James C. McKimRensselaer at Hartford (USA):

“Eiffel works extremely well as a language through which to learn the O-O paradigm.”