Looking beyond Java, C++, or C#?

Are 20th century solutions no longer working for you?

Security flaws, mediocre performance, high development costs, uninspiring language features, a future clouded by patent threats and corporate takeovers… Obsolete language technology stands between developers and their efforts to meet the needs of the business.

Following the crowd or looking for the hidden gem?

Eiffel programmers understand that language matters. They want their software to work from the word go, and to grow with the business.

Eiffel programmers typically work on enterprise applications of high business value—and high risk if they fail. These systems must be developed quickly; they must be bug-free; they must scale up; they must undergo frequent change; and they will continue to be maintained over many years.

Eiffel programmers recognize that building high-quality systems is tough. EiffelStudio, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), gives them the full power of Eiffel’s unique facilities and support their core-business expertise thanks to Design by Contract, Automatic Testing and Seamless Development.

An Eiffel programmer knows that Eiffel Software will give them the attention they deserve because they are dealing with the people behind the technology. This means that a particular product enhancement or feature request can be incorporated in the current or future release of EiffelStudio. They can also count on Support, Training, Custom Development, or from thought leaders in the industry. They are part of a Community of like-minded software professionals passionate about quality.

Want to become an Eiffel Programmer?

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