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Concurrent Engineering



Concurrent EngineeringEditorMultiplatform
Concurrent engineering is available where coding may be performed via the manipulation of class diagrams, the diagrams and code are always kept in sync so if a diagram is changed then the code represented by the diagram will automatically update.Fully-functional class editor that also allows for comprehensive browsing within the IDE itself.Runs equally well under all major platforms, including Windows 2000/XP, Linux, Mac OSX and Sun Solaris.  Written using the included EiffelVision graphical library, EiffelStudio is a prime example of the platform independence that Eiffel brings, removing development teams from platform lock-in.

Browsing facilities

Metrics Tool

Debugging Tools

Browsing facilitiesMetrics ToolDebugging Tools
Built-in enterprise level browsing facilities, helping developers save significant amounts of time by removing the need to consult library manuals/websites whilst coding.Fully customizable, extensive system analysis tools so that quantitative data may be abstracted from an ongoing system.Extremely powerful debugging tools that greatly reduce the time and effort spent debugging.

.NET compatible

Built in Design by Contract™

Profiling tool

.NET compatibleBuilt in Design by Contract™Profiling tool
Full compatibility with the Microsoft .NET framework.Full integration with the Design By Contract™ mechanism, allowing for systems to be completed at a fraction of the cost when using languages such as C++ or Java.Built-in profiling tool that allows for complete performance fine-tuning.

BON integration


Extensive Documentation

BON integrationAutocompletionExtensive Documentation
Powerful Business Object Notation (BON) integration so that systems can be designed, browsed and interacted with without the need for any initial coding.Code auto-completion to save time when writing code.Complete with documentation facilities so that code may be exported to other formats, such as html or xml.